Finn Eirik Modahl - Nordic Sculptor
SOL / Pulse sculpture "The concept is meant to appeal to heart and mind. I want contemporary art to create a dynamic, giving the people living around the sculpture a chance to take part in it. What I loathe, is passive stone sculptures the developer crams in at the end."
Today Pulse works as a symbol and leading star for a sculpture complex in motion. Modahl wanted to achieve a symbiosis of contemporary art and modern habitation where the core idea was to communicate with the inhabitants.
Displayed as a key land art site in "Destination Art" a land art/site-specific art reference work. This book is the first ever comprehensive critical guide to land and environmental works, sculpture parks and site-specific installations worldwide.

Finn Eirik Modahl - National Monument Elektra
The Norwegian sculptor Finn-Eirik Modahl has created a new major Norwegian National Monument,- a giant obelisk of glass and stone, overlooking magnificent fjords and mountains. The monument "Elektra" is located in Tyssedal in Norway.
The giant megalith of Granite and glass is fantastic, the Sculpture Magazine writes in a report. The stone part is taken out 18 meters inside the mountain. And it's cracked into form. Not cut. The glass part is made of 999 handcut 6 mm glass plates. It is has neon inside so it glows in the night with a green light. Like the color of a mountain lake. It was unveiled in 2000.
The monument was commissioned by the Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs, Tyssefallene AS and the Norwegian Department of Culture. See more at

Finn Eirik Modahl - Javel
"Javel" The 23 meter large sculpture is strategically situated by the road leading from the city center to the theater. It hangs roughly on the hewn cliff at the side of Kilden. The contrast between the materials of the rugged, matt rock face and sculpture's shimmering reflective surface of polished steel is dramatic and beautiful. From a distance the work look like a smooth shiny undulating line. But as one approaches Kilden the abstract sculpture turns into something readable. The serpentine line of steel spells out a word "Javel". It is the ultimate symbol of a wish for a binding bridge between the people and art.

Finn Eirik Modahl, Director at Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall
Director at Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall - one of the leading venues for contemporary art in Norway. The exhibition hall presents a wide variety of exhibitions of contemporary artists - putting on 16 major art exhibitions each year. In addition it houses a collection of artwork by 40 well known Norwegian artists.

Finn Eirik Modahl - Installation Löplabbet
Performance/installation art at Bergen Kunsthall, 1999. An exploration of art/commerce.
In cooperation with Löplabbet, Geir Karl Karlsen.

Finn Eirik Modahl - Curator VU08

By the Way - a street level window gallery, combined with storage facilities for the city park services. All traces of the art gallery where ripped out to put further emphasis on conceptual art.
In cooperation with Arne Revheim.
Finn Eirik Modahl - Prolutkult, Backstage

Finn Eirik Modahl, Take One
Performance projects in cooperation with Geir Karl Karlsen spanning from 1995 to 2001. Performed at Henie Onstad Art Center, Høstutstillingen - annual national collective art exhibition, and Bergen Kunsthall.

Sculpture/Installation. Based on Aristotle's Ars Poetica - with a start, a middle and an end. The start and the end was fixed, everything in the middle was based on fuzzy logic giving out quotations from everyday publications, television, conversations, etc to profound quotations like the view on art by Robert Longo. It could be a travel within the mind of John Cage to the personality disorder of Phineas Cage.
Finn Eirik Modahl - John Cage vs. Phineas Cage

Finn Eirik Modahl - Selected works
2013 Codesculpture at FSES/FEH. Norwegian Defense Intelligence School (NORDISc).

2012 "Ledelys" / "Beacon" 5 sculptures/Installations placed according to Goethes colorcircle. At Bergen/Fana.

2011 Javel Sculpture/installation at Kilden Performing Arts Centre in Kristiansand. Kilden is the home of Agder Regional Theatre, Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra and Opera Sør.

2008 Curator VU08 - Vestlandsutstillingen 2008

2005 SOL / Pulse sculpture a futuristic and innovative project where contemporary art and new forms of habitation interact with each other. Sculptor and conceptual leader.

2004-06 Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall. Director.

2001-04 Electric Farm. Creative Director.

1999 Norwegian National Monument Elektra. Sculptor.

Finn Eirik Modahl - Contact
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +47 951 91 750
Education, Finn Eirik Modahl
1995-99 National Academy of Art Bergen, Norway.

1992-94 Art Studies, University of Bergen.

1990 United Nations Forces, Lebanon, Officer.

1989 Theater science, University of Bergen.

1988-89 Royal Norwegian Army Officer School /
Border Ranger, Norwegian/Soviet border.